The JANS Group was formed in 2019 by Ronan Hamill as part of an acquisition of a composites business from the Wright Group. This business was subsequently rehomed in a 10,000 metres square facility in Caulside Drive, Antrim where it continues to operate today.

Building on excellent engineering and technical knowhow within the company the Group’s Board went on to launch four new companies each with a leading industry based managing director who were charged with building strong teams which were customer centric focused.


Building on strong advanced materials and transport knowledge ETRUX was established in 2020. ETRUX is a specialist in the hire, lease, purchase and conversion of commercial vehicles offering a one stop shop for transport managers to build their current fleets while assisting them in the transition of their fleets from diesel to zero carbon.


JANS Modular was created to construct modular buildings for the leisure and residential market. With a growing customer base across these product businesses, Jans Finance was launched to support their clients in uncertain times with various purchase and leasing options which has proven a key to driving these two companies forward.


JANS Lifestyle was established which provides an outlet for existing product ranges but also develops a unique customer experience with camper van sales and rentals, garden rooms and a full range of lifestyle products, aimed at enhancing people’s quality of life in the great outdoors.

The JANS Group operates from offices in Antrim and Staffordshire.